Three natural rubberProfessional rubber factory production

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Rubber factory rubber, plastic, various product research and development, and develop mold design, raw material research and development, as well as all kinds of enamel, all kinds of products, silicone packaging, synthetic rubber, silicone plastic products, corporate gifts, customized gifts. The waste rubber, defective products, waste materials produced by the rubber factory in the process, and the waste tires generated by the consumption of motor vehicles are the main sources of waste rubber. With professional silicone production and rubber production technology.

Standard glue (80% of the market)
Beginning in 1965, Malaysia began to implement a standard rubber program, which began to promote the production of standard rubber based on the grading standards of rubber's physical and chemical properties. Before the advent of standard glue, the amount of tobacco sheet glue on the market was the largest, and now, the market share of standard glue has reached 80%, much higher than 9% of tobacco sheet glue.

In all the grading standards of standard glue, the impurity index is used as the leading index of classification standard (less impurities) 5L, 5, 10, 20, 50 (more impurities).

The main producing countries are: Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, India, China, etc. The main output of the gum producing country is the No. 20 standard glue, such as the SMR20 produced in Malaysia. The main applications are tires, industrial equipment, basketball and other sports equipment.

Latex (11% in the market)
The sap in the rubber tree is the latex, and in order to inhibit the latex due to the action of microorganisms and enzymes, ammonia or other compounds are often added as a stabilizer to prevent the liquid latex from solidifying. The main applications are: pillows, mattresses, gloves, pacifiers, etc.

Tobacco sheet glue (9% of the market)
The tobacco sheet glue dries the formed film in a smoked manner, so it is called a tobacco sheet glue. The main producing countries are: Thailand RSS3, India RSS4. Smoke sheet glue (RSS) can be divided into (bad) 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and special grades according to the visual color. The best grade is the premium grade tobacco sheet glue. The main applications are tires, industrial equipment, basketball and other sports equipment.

The above three kinds of natural rubber account for nearly 100% of natural rubber, of which standard glue accounts for 80%. Standard rubber is the most important natural rubber in the market.